Need Help Installing Your Screen Protector?

Jul 8th 2015

By Catja
Screen Protector on Tablet

Screen protectors on tablets.

Do you protect the screens on your devices?

So, you bought a screen protector with the hope that your device screen won’t get damaged by sticky fingers, bad weather and wet dog noses. Good stuff!

Dog and Tablet

Now, how do you use it? Good question!

Here are some steps to ensure you get the most from your product.

Screen Protector Installation:

1.) Carefully clean the screen with the soft cloth provided to ensure the surface is completely free of dust and dirt before installing the protector.

2.) Remove the adhesive side (Tab A or Tab 1) liner from the screen protector. Align the edge of the protector with the edge of the screen. Lay the screen protector on the screen surface. The screen protector can be lifted and repositioned, if necessary.

3.) Use the soft card or soft cloth to push out any bubbles trapped beneath the screen protector. Start in the centre and push the bubbles towards the edge of the screen.

4.) Remove the outer liner (Tab B or Tab 2).

5.) Once you remove tab 2 you may need to use the soft cloth again to remove any remaining bubbles

6.) Enjoy your newly protected screen.

To purchase your own screen protector, have a look at some of these in a variety of sizes to fit your particular tablet or phone.

Screen Protector on Tablet

We’re Back!

Apr 4th 2014

By hipstreet

Hello Universe!

We’re happy to say that we’re back, and with more exciting advancements to share than ever. We’ve been growing, growing, growing! More products, more innovation, and more to write about!

Our GPS Navigation system is soon to launch, we’ve got a 3G, 7” Astro tablet on the way, and the Mimic, our version of an HDMI Wi-fi Dongle, will hit the stores in a few weeks.

Sandbox, a content aggregation app for kids, is also in the making, alongside with our efforts to reinvent our Life Chat Support app.

We’re looking forward to letting you know about all the great stuff happening here. Happy Friday!

Get a great MP3 Player for $2.00!

Apr 1st 2014

By hipstreet

You know that song. The one you want to play over and over until your friends hate you. The one you just can’t get out of your head. Whether it’s “Gangnam Style”, “Wrecking Ball”, or “Friday” – there’s always one.

Well we’ve got just what you need! For just $2.00 you can get Hipstreet’s SingleSong MP3 Player. With just enough storage to store the song that you can’t stop singing, and nothing else!

Play it over and over until your ears start to bleed!

The best part is, once you do get tired of that catchy jingle (and, unless you’re brain dead, you will), you can smash the SingleSong to smithereens – which we’ve heard feels very rewarding.

SingleSongs are sold individually for $2.00, in a package of 10 for $30, or in a package of 50 for $500. A great deal for people who can’t count!

Happy listenin’ this April 1st – don’t trust what you see online today (more so than usual).

Hipstreet Vektor Tablet!

Apr 9th 2012

By matthew

The Hipstreet VEKTOR has arrived! This 7″ Deluxe capacitive Wi-Fi HD Touch Screen Multimedia Tablet allows users to surf the web wirelessly or experience media on this sleek and stylish device. The VEKTOR comes complete with a high resolution, full colour, deluxe capacitive TFT LCD screen. Its built-in WIFI allows you to seamlessly access email and the internet. Listen to your music as you surf the web with the VEKTOR audio player. Watch movies and videos in glorious high definition with the VEKTOR’S HD capabilities. Download your favorite apps easily. Get E-books by WI-FI! Take pictures or capture video of your favorite moments and store them away for future viewing. Complete with an Android 2.3 operating system, The VEKTOR tablet by Hip Street does it all!

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