And, the Winner of our Back to School Tablet Giveaway is…

Sep 1st 2015

By Hipstreet

Thank you to everybody who participated in the Back to School Tablet Giveaway! We had over 700 entries to win our W10 Pro, 10″ tablet with docking keyboard, valued at $400!! (Canadian dollars, MSRP). Some of these were existing Hipstreet customers and others who were new to the brand.

Our social media team was hard at work, handwriting names on little slips of paper and placing them in a big hat for the winning draw! Ok, not really, but through the magic of random number generating software, we have come up with a winner.

Drumroll please……..And the winner is…..

Natalie Y!

Natalie left this comment on our Blogpost:

She also tweeted about our Giveaway:

Natalie also followed us on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and visited our Facebook page. Well done. Congratulations Natalie!

Thank you to everybody who participated!! We really loved getting to meet new people and hearing from our existing customers. We will be hosting more giveaways in the coming months. Be sure to Follow and Like us on our social media sites and sign up for our newsletter, to be the first to know about upcoming giveaways, contests and new products.

5 Essential Tech Tools for Back to School

Aug 21st 2015

By Hipstreet
Hipstreet - tablet and school supplies

5 Essential Tech Tools for Back to SchoolCan it be that time of year again? It’s hard to think about school when the weather outside is sunny and hot!

To help you make a smooth transition, we have compiled a list of 5 essential tech tools to help you and your studious brood succeed this school year.

Portable Charger / Powerbank with built in Mirror


Portable Charger / Power Bank

Don’t get caught without power for your portable devices! This must have tool allows you to recharge your device, on the go, wherever you go. This portable charger is small and compact, perfect for charging smartphones, cameras, Bluetooth devices, tablets, and portable gaming devices or other gadgets. It features an LED charge indicator display to let you know at a glance when it’s finished charging! An extra cool feature, is a built-in mirror, which will allow you to always look your best, since you never know who is going to be in your next class.

3-in-1-Stylus, Highlighter and Pen Tool


3-in-1 Stylus Pen

There is so much information to take in during class. You need to write, you need to highlight and you need to use the touchscreen on your tablet. Sometimes, all at the same time! With this Universal 3-in-1 Stylus Pen tool, you can do it all. This 3-in-1 solution for going between tablets and documents, gives you a pen for writing, a stylus for your tablet, and a highlighter for your documents and textbooks. Switching it up is a breeze. No information shall be left behind!! Do you feel smarter already? We thought so.

iPad-case-and-keyboardiPad air keyboard and case


iPad Case with Keyboard

You love your iPad Air (or iPad Air 2), but really wish it had a keyboard plus you want some protection against bumps that happen in the school hallways. This ultra thin, space saving case is made out of durable aluminum which matches the look and feel of your iPad, keeping you right in style! The ultra-thin elegant portfolio case with detachable wireless keyboard allows you to work on emails, take notes and blog during school hours. Comes with a  rechargeable battery and the case automatically ‘sleeps’ your iPad, saving your precious battery life. This case also supports multiple viewing angles when watching your favourite videos during downtime.

Noise reducing earphones


In-Ear Noise Isolation Earbuds

So, you have a spare class or need to cram for a test during lunch? With these IN-EAR noise isolating ear bud headphones, you can relax with music, listen to a podcast or just use them to reduce the noise of your fellow classmates while you study. These earbuds are super compact and light, so they barely put a dent in your backpack. Featuring great sensitivity and frequency response, these buds will take you away from all the distractions.


Hipstreet W10 10" 2-in-1 Convertible Tablet with docking keyboard


W10 – 10″ Tablet with Docking Keyboard

You will be able to take this lightweight tablet with detachable keyboard with you anywhere you need to go! Taking notes, researching papers and creating spreadsheets will be much faster and easier when you tote along your own tablet to classes. Tablets encourage creativity and make learning more interactive and fun; leave the keybaord behind when you want to play your favourite music, watch videos or play some games. At just 975 grams (38 ounces) with keyboard, it is light enough to carry in your backpack, and helps lower the risk of backpack weight-related injuries from all those textbooks!


Hipstreet Back to School Giveaway - Enter to Win a W10 Pro Tablet

To get you started on the right track this school year, Hipstreet is having a Back to School Tablet Giveaway! We are giving away a 10″ W10 Pro, with bluetooth keyboard. It features a big enough screen to work efficiently, yet is compact and lightweight enough to tote around from class to class. Have you entered yet?

You get up to 7 entries, which means 7 chances to win! You can also earn up to 10 additional entries by referring a friend. Enter soon as the contest closes Monday, August 24, 2015. Rules and more info regarding the W10 Pro tablet can be found here.

Entry Form

Good Luck!

Hipstreet’s Back to School Tablet GIVEAWAY!

Aug 6th 2015

By Hipstreet

Hipstreet Back to School Giveaway - Enter to Win a W10 Pro TabletHIPSTREET IS GIVING AWAY A W10 PRO, 10″ TABLET, JUST IN TIME FOR BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Can it be Back to School time already?! It is, and we are here to lighten the load for you or your child who will be off to a new school year this September. We are hosting a giveaway where you can win a Brand New W10 Pro 10″ 2-in-1 docking keyboard Tablet, valued at $400!!! (Canadian dollars: manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

This contest is open to North American and UK residents only. Sorry, Quebec residents not eligible (but we’ll get you next time!)

The benefits of tablets in schools are plentiful.


*  can be personalized to fit every students learning needs, whether it be visual or auditory, text can be enlarged and sound can be increased
*  are mobile and weigh less than a textbook, making transportation easy, also helping lower the risk of backpack related injuries due to excessive weight being carried – The W10 Pro weighs only 614 grams (22 ounces)!
*  encourage creativity; with thousands of apps available for downloading, skills such as drawing, coding or video editing can be acquired
*  can help students to read and learn at their own pace as users have the ability to edit text, write notes, and highlight important information
*  keep textbooks and research up to date with installed updates
*  will motivate students to get involved in learning as the interactive interface of tablets make learning fun

The W10 Pro Tablet

The W10 Pro tablet is perfect for toting along to class, taking notes and doing homework. This 10″ tablet is large enough to get your work done but small and light enough to be able to carry around from class to class. It comes with a detachable docking keyboard that allows for quick and precise note-taking.

The W10 Pro tablet features a 10” Multi-Point Touch Screen with Intel HD graphics and 1280 x 800 resolution. It offers a widescreen and crisp, clear display running Intel HD graphics. Need to take a break from all that school work? You can easily watch movies, music videos and play video games, this tablet is definitely up for the task!

This unit is equipped with 32GB of internal storage! With this much storage, you can download apps, movies, music, assignments, research and more. Need more space? We have you covered with a MicroSD card slot that supports an additional 32GB of storage. You’ll never run out of space!

With Windows 8.1, multitasking is a breeze as you can view 3 or more apps simultaneously, helping you work more efficiently to get your homework done before the deadline. Communication is great thanks to the built-in Skype app, you can contact your best friend for some afterschool chatter, or even schedule a session with your tutor using the built in back and front cameras!

Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 lets you listen to music through BT wireless speakers, connect to a wireless BT mouse or share files with others. The W10 Pro also includes Microsoft Office 365, so if you need to write a book report or calculate items in a spreadsheet, you will have the tools to shine!

W10 Pro Tablet with keyboardBack to School Tablet Giveaway - Tablet and School Supplies photo

What you need to do to enter: Fill out the various entry requirements using this app (below). For each option that you complete, you get an additional entry for another chance to win!! A total of 7 entries can be made.

Good luck everybody and don’t forget to check back to the Blog, FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest often to find out about more events, giveaways, new products and promotions. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter!

Enter the Giveaway here: Hipstreet Back to School Tablet Giveaway

Update: Please note, the contest is now closed and the winner has been announced here!

Tablets and Notebooks and Laptops, OH MY!

Jul 31st 2015

By Hipstreet
Pic of laptop, tablet and notebook

Hands using tablets, notebooks and laptops with pictures and text displayed.

Decisions, Decisions!

Do you need a little bit of help when it comes to deciding whether you need a tablet or notebook / laptop? Are you aware of the differences or similarities between them?

The latest tablets and notebooks are really one and the same, although a notebook may still be referred to as a smaller, lighter laptop.  There are certainly a lot of similarities between them, but also some unique differences.

Here are the main points to consider before you make your purchase:

  1. What will be the main activities you will be performing? (checking email, surfing the web, creating databases, watching movies, gaming)
  2. What kinds of apps / software will you need to run? (word processing, graphics intensive video production/gaming, internet search platforms, spreadsheets/databases)
  3. Where will you be taking your device? (coffee shops, long distances/travelling, classes, seminars, work)
  4. How often will you take the portable device with you? (it will never leave my side, only occasionally)
  5. How important is portability to you? (very, somewhat, could care less)
  6. Do you have access to an AC charging port/station or mobile power bank? – (if your battery needs charging, will you be somewhere that has outlets for AC power or on-the-go where you need to take a power bank?)

Once you have answered the above questions, it then comes down to what size screen you will need, as both tablets and notebooks / laptops come in a range of sizes.

We have created this handy infographic tool to help you navigate your way around the digital waters and let you decide what is best suited to your needs.

Infographic comparing features of laptops/notebooks and tablets

Which one will suit your needs best?

Have we missed any points about tablets or notebooks that you would add?

What about you? Which type of device do you tend to use more often? We’d love to hear your feedback!

Find a variety of tablets here, many which come with Bluetooth keyboards.

Need Help Installing Your Screen Protector?

Jul 8th 2015

By Hipstreet
Screen Protector on Tablet

Screen protectors on tablets.

Do you protect the screens on your devices?

So, you bought a screen protector with the hope that your device screen won’t get damaged by sticky fingers, bad weather and wet dog noses. Good stuff!

Dog and Tablet

Now, how do you use it? Good question!

Here are some steps to ensure you get the most from your product.

Screen Protector Installation:

1.) Carefully clean the screen with the soft cloth provided to ensure the surface is completely free of dust and dirt before installing the protector.

2.) Remove the adhesive side (Tab A or Tab 1) liner from the screen protector. Align the edge of the protector with the edge of the screen. Lay the screen protector on the screen surface. The screen protector can be lifted and repositioned, if necessary.

3.) Use the soft card or soft cloth to push out any bubbles trapped beneath the screen protector. Start in the centre and push the bubbles towards the edge of the screen.

4.) Remove the outer liner (Tab B or Tab 2).

5.) Once you remove tab 2 you may need to use the soft cloth again to remove any remaining bubbles

6.) Enjoy your newly protected screen.

To purchase your own screen protector, have a look at some of these in a variety of sizes to fit your particular tablet or phone.

Screen Protector on Tablet

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