Android “Marshmallow” is here!

May 19th 2016
By Hipstreet

This week Hipstreet is proud to be among the first to bring Android 6.0 “Marshmallow” based tablets to market, with our Phantom 2 tablet available at select retailers in the UK.  Why is this so important you ask?  Marshmallow is a major platform update to Android tablets (and phones), and Google has brought improvements to almost every aspect of the Android mobile device experience:

  1. Smart Shortcuts – in Marshmallow, Google introduces a major improvement to the Google Now Experience called Now on Tap which, no matter what you’re doing, can anticipate what you need in the moment.  For example, if you’re browsing a website, with a simple tap you are presented with “cards” on your screen that contain useful information as well as connect with other apps that have a connection with what you’re doing.
  2. More Control and Security – App permissions are a constant concern for any tablet user, and this has been overhauled in a major way in Marshmallow.   Google has enabled much more control over the permissions for all your apps.  As Google themselves has put it, “Android Marshmallow lets you define what you want to share and when.”  By going into App Settings, you are presented with an overview of what all your apps are doing as well as handy summary information (like how many apps are allowed location information).   For each app, you can now go in and switch permissions on or off for each app that requests it.  This not only allows you to run your device much better by cutting down on the workload from apps, but it also lets you have more direct control over what apps can access what information, and may also even lead to improved battery life.
  3. Improved Battery Life – Speaking of which, Marshmallow also brings some really smart power management to the mix.   A new feature called App Standby intelligently manages apps that are seldom used to reduce battery drain so your charge lasts longer.  The new Doze Mode power-saving feature stops apps from unnecessarily waking up your device, meaning when your phone is sitting idle, it reduces the background app workload, making your battery last a bit longer.  Don’t worry though – important alerts like phone calls, calendar alerts, and alarms will still get through.
  4. Better User Interface – Google has also greatly improved the design of the App Drawer, the menu where literally all of the apps installed on your tablet can be found.  They’ve added a handy search bar at the top, making it much easier to quickly find an app and also have enabled the ability to scroll up and down instead of left and right.

At Hipstreet, our motto is “Stay Connected, Keep Ahead”.   We are very excited to be among the first tablet makers to bring Marshmallow to market and let our customers “keep ahead”, just as we have with previous versions of Google’s Android platform.  The Phantom 2 with Marshmallow will be available in the near future for purchase online at and it is the first of many devices that will be launch with Marshmallow in the near future.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Android Tablet

Mar 14th 2016
By Hipstreet

Even though Apple gets a lot of mindshare and publicity when it comes to tablets, Android tablets are actually the most popular tablets in the world, and have come a long way in terms of overall customer experience.   Google has worked hard to improve Android to the point that many experts believe it’s a superior experience to iOS.  If you’re not that familiar with the Android platform, here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider it.

  1. Apps - While Apple gets some apps first, the level of selection and freedom on Android is unmatched.  Not only can you download a multitude of great apps from the Google Play store, but Google also allows third party stores like GetJar and Amazon’s Appstore) as well.  Apple only allows purchases through the iTunes store, and tightly controls what gets posted.
  2. Google - Let’s face it; the majority of us are Google users in some way, shape or form.  If you use Google in any way on your PC or phone, the seamless integration you get from Google across multiple devices is fantastic.  It’s not just about accessing email or documents and instant synching however, the recently launched Google Now creates a customized experience based in your habits and interests that is simply amazing, with recent reports that Google is now working on a new version that won’t even need a data connection.
  3. Freedom – If you’ve ever been an Apple user before and have tried to copy files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your PC, you know that there are major limitations.  Basically, other than photos you can’t move most media files.  Connect your Android device into your PC and it acts like an external hard drive or a USB flash drive.  Suddenly you have instant access to every folder on the device, just click and drag what you want to where you want.
  4. Multi-tasking – Android is all about productivity.  When they launched their Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system in 2014, they introduced the ability to move more efficiently between apps on the device.  While multi-tasking is a feature we take for granted on PCs in the Windows environment, for tablets and phones this has always been a challenge.  With the click of a button, Google’s app switcher brings up an easy to navigate interface that shows you every app you have open and lets you jump to whatever one you want.
  5. Variety – the variety and design freedom that you can find with Android tablets is unrivaled in terms of variety and innovation.  For example, on you can find Android based tablets in screen sizes from 7” to 10” and our Playpal series of kids’ tablets too.

The 5 Essential (and Free!) Apps Every Hipstreet Windows® Tablet Owner Should Install

Feb 16th 2016
By Hipstreet


If you’ve recently purchased one of our Windows® powered tablets (W7, W8, W10) and it’s your first experience with Microsoft’s Windows® 10  OS and app ecosystem, you were probably a little overwhelmed when you first went into the Microsoft store.  With close to 1 million apps available, you’re initial inclination may be to start downloading all the top rated apps in each category, plus the usual suspects like Facebook, Skype, Netflix and Instagram in addition to mainstays like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  In fact, Microsoft themselves have a great “Essential Apps” page on their store that we highly recommend you go to before anywhere else.  But beyond that, there are some “under the radar” apps that can make a difference in your Windows® experience.
If you are someone who is always making to-do lists, one of the first apps you should download is Wunderlist.  Wunderlist is very easy to use and lets you set up an account which means you can access your lists from multiple devices (as long as they all have the app installed).  Whether it’s creating a shopping list or planning a trip, this app makes it easy to stay organized.
Do you take a lot of pictures and like to touch them up a bit before posting?  A good solution to check out is Adobe Photoshop Express.  Intuitive to use with some great (and automatic) filters and fixes, you can make your pictures pop without having to be an expert.
Most music lovers already have a Spotify account – if you don’t, it’s a must-have app for your Windows tablet.  Search a massive and constantly growing catalogue of music, create your own personal playlists, follow friends to hear what they’re listening to.  Spotify also can recommend music and create personalized playlists based on your music tastes.
Want to track your personal finances?  Toshl Finance lets you track expenses and incomes, create budgets and has some great financial planning features as well.  Most importantly, it’s fairly simple to use.
In the entertainment category, go and get VLC Media Player.  VLC media has been around for a long time; it’s a free multimedia player that plays most audio and video files as well as “discs, devices, and network streaming protocols.”  It’s the player you can count on playing those file formats you might not have heard of before, and once you start using it you’ll probably stop using any other player.
We’d also recommend setting up an account with these apps as well – having a centralized account means you can access the same information on multiple devices.  For example, having a Spotify account lets you access the same playlists across your phone, tablet and PC.  It’s also a good idea to do an “app review” once or twice a year on your device – delete apps you no longer use to free up space. The Windows store is constantly growing, so after you “purge” do some research on new apps that are gaining in popularity that you might find useful, so you get the most out of your Hipstreet Windows® tablet!

Hipstreet Launches New Brand, Products and Partnerships at CES 2016

Jan 11th 2016
By Hipstreet


Another CES has come and gone, and it was a very busy week for Hipstreet.

On January 5, we announced new Intel®-powered, Windows® 10-based products, the PC2GO “PC on a Stick” and the new W14, both powered by the latest Intel® Atom™ Quad Core processor.  The sleek and powerful Hipstreet W14 notebook brings a thin and light design without compromising performance.  The PC2GO gives you the performance of a full size PC in the palm of your hand, bringing the full Windows® 10 computing experience to your TV.  Sampling to press now, we expect the PC2GO to be the first product of its class in market powered by the latest Intel® Atom™ Z8300 Processor.

On January 6, we proudly announced an exclusive partnership with with blackshore, a leading multi-channel business partner and management firm for digital content developers, to work with some of the blackshore’s top YouTube Minecraft stars to help create an exclusive line of gaming-related products including headphones and USB Flash Drives.  blackshore represents such well-known internet gaming stars as “TheBajanCanadian”, “JeromeASF”, “PrestonPlayz”, “Vikkstar123HD”, “Lachlan” and “MrWoofless”.  The first special edition products are expected to launch in Q1, with more additions to the line throughout 2016.

Finally, on January 7 we proudly revealed our new NRVE brand, which will feature a new and innovative gaming and audio lineup focusing on quality, style, innovation and value.  The NRVE Audio line of products will be the perfect blend of style and sound, bringing unconventional design aesthetics without compromising audio quality.  The NRVE Gaming line of products will bring the kind of smart, inventive and most importantly useful design features that gamers have been asking for, while still providing tremendous quality and outstanding value.  We will reveal a lot more in the months to come, but in the meantime you can sign up to be the first to get updates and special offers at our new site:  You can also follow us on twitter at @nrvecenter.

These announcements are perfect representations of what Hipstreet is all about - agile innovation, a distinctive design philosophy and incredible value.

Hipstreet Delivers Innovation and Mobility to the Masses with Two New Intel®-Powered, Windows® 10-Based Products

Jan 6th 2016
By Hipstreet

MARKHAM, Ontario 1/5/2016 – Hipstreet continues to be at the forefront of innovative consumer electronics solutions, today announcing its new W14 notebook and innovative PC2GO PC-on-a-Stick. Both products are powered by Intel® Atom™ Z8300 and Microsoft Windows® 10 Operating System, ensuring a smooth and reliable computing experience at home or on the go.
The sleek and powerful Hipstreet W14 notebook brings a thin and light design without compromising performance. Designed with the latest Intel® Atom™ Quad Core processor, 2GB DDR3L and a vibrant 14” screen, the W14 is the ultimate, affordable notebook for productivity and entertainment. The W14 runs on Windows® 10, delivering a superior computing experience with features like Cortana and the new Windows Store featuring hundreds of thousands of apps and games.
The PC2GO gives you the performance of a full size PC in the palm of your hand, bringing the full Windows® 10 computing experience to your TV. Sampling now, Hipstreet expects the PC2GO to be the first product of its class in market powered by the latest Intel® Atom™ Z8300 Processor. Easy to set up, the PC2GO also comes with a wireless, compact keyboard, ergonomically designed with a built in trackball and scroll wheel for easy navigation. Download apps, games and more from the Windows store and create your own powerful entertainment and productivity system.
“The new W14 and PC2GO products are perfect representations of what Hipstreet is all about”, said Moe Kirpalani, President and CEO. “They bring unmatched innovation, mobility and performance to consumers at affordable prices.”
The SRP of the Hipstreet W14 notebook will be $249.99 USD, while the Hipstreet PC2GO will launch with a $199.99 SRP. Both products are planned to be available in stores and at participating retailers in early 2016.

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